2018 LLG elections program announced

The program for the 2018 Local Level Government Elections has been officially announced by Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.

The 2018 LLG Elections program is as follows:


Issue of Writs & Nominations Open:               Thursday, 26 July, 2018

Close of Nominations:                                         Wednesday, 1 August, 2018

Start of Polling:                                                     Monday, 20 August, 2018

End of Polling:                                                        Monday, 3 September, 2018

Return of Writs on or before:                            Monday, 24 September, 2018


In terms of preparations, Gamato said PNGEC has already started preparation work for the conduct of the LLG elections.

“The National Executive Council in December 2015 had approved by way of a Cabinet decision that ward members will elect LLG presidents in their respective legislative assemblies,” clarified Gamato.

“That decision still stands. And unless there’s a change in the decision, PNGEC will conduct one election for the ward members in the 2018 LLG elections using the Limited Preferential Voting (LPV) system.”

(Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato)

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