“We are fighting to remove poor leadership”

“The people of Morobe have made it clear that they do not want a PNC led government in parliament in 2017.”

This was reiterated in press conference today by Pangu Party leader and member elect for Bulolo, Sam Basil upon welcoming also the new Governor of Morobe Province, Ginson Goheyu Saonu.

Basil made this calling to the member elect for Kabwum, Patrick Basa stating that PNC has created a leadership vacuum in the Morobe Province and elsewhere too.

“We went to the elections and we said to the people that we are fighting to remove poor leadership that is affecting their ability to live with dignity and pride of which Morobean’s believed in us giving us the mandate so they can be well represented in parliament,” Basil said.

He said even if Basa has succumbed to the sweeteners from the PNC Camp in Alotau, he should take note that as a single member in the Morobe provincial assembly, his capacity to ensure that the voice of his people is represented in the legislation and service delivery agenda will be outnumbered by a bloc of 9 MP’s now in Kokopo.

Basil reminded the newly elected MP that six districts in Morobe are held now by Pangu Pati MP’s adding that Huon Gulf and Lae Open are now in Kokopo.

Basil adds that the people of Morobe have made their preference of leadership clear.

“The damage created by PNC is great and they do not want PNC. We want to be in government to rescue our future inheritance.”

Annette Kora