​Province confident of smooth polling

Hela Province is confident of a smooth polling period this Saturday.

Hela Provincial Administrator, William Bando, said since the deployment of the security forces in Hela, the election process has been progressive with less violence.

Bando said despite public perception, Hela is still a young and developing province with a lot of potential.

However, he said security is still a concern, considering the recent Hela call-out.

Bando will be having a word with the heads of the security forces to discuss the possibilities of looking into suspected areas where raids can be conducted to secure illegal weapons in the province.

"It's still far from over and whilst they are here, it would be better if they could also check up on that."

The PA said this will be one on the main agendas that he will bring up in today’s meeting with the chief secretary, the electoral commissioner and the heads of the three disciplinary forces.

"It would be an expensive exercise for the government to make another call-out into the province so while they are here, it would be better to look into this while their presence is still active in Hela.”

(Hela Provincial Administrator, William Bando, with Police Commissioner Gari Baki)

Annette Kora