​Empty Pom streets, markets

Today, the streets and markets of Port Moresby are visibly empty as majority of residents flock to polling sites.

And for others who prefer otherwise, it's playing a game of tag with the police.

Joe Koro, a local resident of Manu, decided to visit the Koki Fish market before heading to Kaugere to vote.

He arrived at the seaside to an empty market where he had a run-in with police. But not before buying a string of fish at a doubled price.

"I came here to buy fish but the market was closed. Luckily, villagers from Roku arrived here with some catch,” he tells Loop PNG.

“They were selling a K25 string for K40 but I bargained and bought it for K35. Police came in and chased us so I got on with the villagers on their boat and we escaped to Ela Beach.”

He said they were advised the markets will open after lunch.

Only a few PMV buses are running.

Gloria Bauai