​Drunk youths disrupt polls, materials confiscated

​Polling officials in a rural district in East Sepik Province had to flee for their lives when they were attacked by drunk youths.

The incident happened at the Wosera-Gawi Electorate on Monday afternoon during polling.

Provincial Election Manager Kila Ralai said he is yet to get confirmation from returning officer and assistant returning officer on the incident.

However, he said intoxicated youths disrupted polling because their names were not on the roll.

Frustrated voters then clashed with the youths, making the terrified polling officials run away, leaving two ballot boxes behind.

Ralai said quick response from Police resulted in the confiscation of all polling materials.

He said because of the incident, polling will not be held at the same venue because the ballot boxes have already been tampered with.

(File picture)

Charles Yapumi