UNDP to determine COVID-19 impact

COVID-19 is placing extraordinary pressure on economies. Its impacts will be far reaching. Understanding them and how to respond is critical for all countries, including Papua New Guinea.

Mapping these impacts will take time and require collective and collaborative efforts involving Government, development partners, civil society and the private sector. An important first step will be determining what these impacts are.

UNDP says it is proudly leading this first step in partnership with other United Nations agencies by launching the first Socio-Economic Impact Assessment to be conducted in Papua New Guinea aimed at determining the impacts of COVID-19.

This initiative has commenced with a survey exercise that will provide much needed data on the impacts of COVID-19 on both households and the business community. Of particular interest are those most vulnerable and micro, small and medium enterprises.

“This assessment is nationwide. It will provide much needed data that we can analyze. Once we have been able to do this, we will then all be in a much better position to help in response and recovery efforts,” said UNDP Resident Representative, Dirk Wagener.

Based on the outcomes of the impact assessment, UNDP will work with other partners and Government to develop short and longer-term policy and program responses. These will consider the best ways to support the most vulnerable, stimulate job creation and improve social protections.

Those interested in participating in this national survey can do by sending a request to: survey.png@undp.org or following the links on UNDP’s website for:

(The National Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of COVID-19 in Papua New Guinea focuses on households and the Private sector including small and medium-size enterprises. ©UNDP PNG)

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