SOE Controller to announce more details on extended SOE

The National Parliament yesterday extended the State of Emergency unanimously for another two months.

The 14-day lockdown that started on 23 March ends on 6th of April (Monday). Travel within the country will resume Tuesday next week. However, the ban on international travel remains and the international borders remain locked.

The Controller of the State of Emergency and Police Commissioner, David Manning, will announce more details on the uplifting of the lockdown and further announcements of the key measures that will be in place during the two-month extension of the SOE.

Manning has assured the public that whilst the State of Emergency is underway, all essential services are continuing to run as normal.

“I want people to understand that this State of Emergency is a special operation to address the coronavirus pandemic. However, essential services will continue so that our people are not disadvantaged in any way.

“Besides being engaged in the whole of government response to COVID-19, the police is still attending to its normal business. We are making sure that health facilities, both at the national and provincial as well as district levels, function. We are ensuring that power, water and other essential services continue. Shops, markets and other essential business such as fuel stations, telecommunication services and banking services will be available to the public.

“The 14-day nationwide lockdown period is in force to help us stop the pandemic from spreading. People spread the disease. So we hope that when we stop people from moving, we will effectively stop the virus from spreading.

“We ask for the people’s patience and understanding during this period which is to end on Monday next week. While some restrictions will be lifted, others will need to remain in place so as to ensure that we prevent COVID-19 from coming into and spreading within the country,” Manning said.

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