More interventions in health post-COVID19

Prime Minister James Marape says the National Government has realized the need to make proper interventions into the Health Sector in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

He said the Government is now planning on making more investments into tghe health sector post-COVID-19.

“I’m announcing to the country, I’m looking at life beyond coronavirus.

“The coronavirus has given us an opportunity to make good interventions in our health sector, something that we have taken for granted and we have left it to erode over a long period of time,” said the Prime Minister.

He added “I remember when SARS was a global pandemic, we never had proactiveness to respond in ensuring that our health system is prepared with this matter.

“And so for now, the Government under my leadership we have now taken coronavirus very seriously. Part of the protocols we will put in place will be part of our lifestyle going into the future. And we are looking at this as a lesson to learn from and we can build a better system for our health care.”

Cedric Patjole