Medical experts appeal against complacency

Complacency and fatigue are two challenges that Papua New Guinea is faced with, with COVID-19 still a major threat to the population.

Medical experts have strongly urged citizens to maintain the hygiene practices and social distancing protocols, after confirming on Saturday, that NCD has a second COVID-19 case.

After reporting its 9th COVID-19 case, Papua New Guinea is still very much at risk of the coronavirus.

Medical experts have again urged citizens not to be complacent, as local scientists work under much pressure to get as many tests done to see how exposed citizens are, to the coronavirus.

Director, Central Public Health Laboratory, Dr Evelyn Lavu, could not stress enough that PNG lacks the medical resources to deal with an outbreak.

“From the medical point of view, we don’t have the resources to cure an illness that’s more severe than what we can handle. Prevention is the best way to go. Our hospitals are not well resourced so we need to play our part as citizens, to prevent the spread of this infection.”

The latest case is a 44-year-old expatriate, who has been in the country since January, and is said to have contracted the virus in the nation’s capital.

He is in isolation and is recovering, with possibilities of being sent back to his country of origin once he is cleared.

“This man was very responsible and called the responsible people to help him. Those coming in through the airports, especially FIFO workers, please be more responsible,” said Dr Lavu.

Meantime, the medical team is happy to say that the turnaround time for this particular case was within 48 hours, illustrating that the testing systems are working – and that scientists have improved since the first 14-day lockdown in March.

Salome Vincent