Control measures issued

Police Commissioner and Controller, David Manning, has issued eight control measures under the National Pandemic Act 2020 dealing with a number of areas, including international and domestic travels.

Manning made these measures following his reappointment as the Controller under the National Pandemic Act 2020 passed by the National Parliament.

Manning said these measures are basically reemphasizing the COVID-19 protocols that were put in place during the past three months of the State of Emergency period.

“As we transit from the SOE into the new normal, the danger still remains high and therefore we must continue to remain vigilant,” he stressed.

Accordingly, Manning has issued control measure one which reiterates the need to maintain control on the international and domestic travel fronts. These include:

  • The maintaining of five designated entry ports for vessels or aircraft entering PNG;
  • Ceasing of traditional border crossing arrangements between PNG and neighbouring countries;
  • Requirement for all PNG citizens and permanent residents returning to PNG by aircraft to be quarantined at a designated facility or hotel in Port Moresby for 14 days; and
  • Foreign diplomats to be self-isolated at an appropriate residence for 14 days.

He further stated that all domestic flights within PNG must comply with the hygiene and social distancing restrictions and passengers must complete the Air Passenger Travel Form before travel. New measure number 8 now requires all passengers coming into PNG to do a COVID-19 test as well.

Control measure No.2 ensures the National Pandemic Act 2020 applies to all the provinces in Papua New Guinea and appoints Provincial Administrators as authorised officers.

“This is the new normal where powers are transferred back to the provincial and districts level for them to take lead in making decisions depending on the situation on the ground in these local settings,” Manning stated.

Control measure No. 3 allows for the Controller to direct mass burials should the situation require.

“We have not neutralised the threat and therefore these measures are necessary for our people as we live with the presence of COVID-19 going forward.”

Press release