Women leaders urged to mentor others

Women in positions of leadership and influence in organisations are urged to mentor, encourage and train others in their respective organisations.

2016 Westpac Women Award Winner and Telikom PNG IT manager, Bosa Togs encouraged women leaders at the PNG Women in Science and Industry Symposium underway today in Port Moresby.

Togs urged women to effectively contribute in the domain for efficiency in the business and life changing benefits for the country and generations to come.

Togs said: “We must have time to mentor, encourage and train those around us to one day succeed us, or even achieve what we cannot achieve or what we have not achieved.

“We must strive to lead with good moral values, integrity, honesty and humility so those who follow us do the same and then they pass on the same attributes and values to the generations to come.

“Find stars in your team and provide opportunities for them to shine and when they do shine and succeed, acknowledge their success.

“That brings greater satisfaction to you when you know that you have inspired and contributed to a young woman in her growth and progress in their career of field”.

Togs encouraged women not to see one another as a threat and competition but embrace and uplift each other.

She stressed that women being balance at work place and society because of their instinctive nature of motherhood, nurturing and different perceptions to matters should be encouraged.

She added that women have the ability of nurturing something within them so that it affects the way they do business, their decision making and how they embrace people around them.

Quintina Naime