Women to drive SME in Gumine

Growing the economy from small to medium size needs partnership with the district and the local level government.

Minister for Education and Gumine MP, Nick Kuman said partnering the district with individual wards would result in increased participation of women in the provision and management of small scale businesses.

“Increasing and enabling capacity of women’s involvement is what the Government is promoting in synchronizing equal and inclusive participation as catalyst to development in this country.”

Kuman had made available K2.6 million of the 2015 District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) fund to the accounts of his three local level governments.

The fund is held with the Mi Bank.

And in partnering with Mi Bank, 45 passbooks were issued to 45 ward councilors where entrepreneurs will obtain loans to startup community based business projects.

“Mothers stand out in this program because they are the bread winners in rural communities.

“They work long hours in gardening and catering for their families and they are the engine of every household in Gumine and the country,” Kuman said.

“I believe very strongly that the mothers will move this nation because the mothers are the teachers of this country,” he added.

He said mothers can toil the soil, grow vegetables, tend the gardens, harvest, transport and can do marketing.


Picture source: Malum Nalu

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