Women challenged to pursue further studies

Women in the science and technology field have been challenged to pursue further studies to enhance their knowledge and education.

2016 Westpac Women Award winner and an Information Technology manager, Bosa Togs, is encouraging women who are contemplating on further studying to pursue it.

Togs said it’s not too late even if you’re already married and have children because we will never be done with learning till the day we stop breathing.

“Attaining your master’s or degree qualification does not make you a master of your trade but it is a beginning of a journey to master through continuous learning every day.

“It’s not just an academic achievement but it helps expand your horizons and helps you think.”

Togs said further studies is a stepping stone to attaining higher education, broadening intellectual appreciation of changing business trends and evolving technologies.

She added that it’s a need to research, change in perspective to people, life and the world in general and how that affects us as individuals and as organisations in societies and communities that we live in.

“This nation needs people like us to contribute meaningfully to the lifestyle of our people and to what our people should be,” Togs stressed.

She encourages women to find their niche and strength that makes them distinct and unique as a woman and use that to build and encourage those around them.

Quintina Naime