Women to benefit from chicken revolving project

The Mama Lus Frut scheme has recently launched its life skills and chicken revolving fund program in West New Britain Province.

The chicken revolving fund project is a trial plan that has been rolled out to five women in the smallholders and VOP blocks in the following areas; Sarokolok LSS, Buvussi LSS, Siki LSS, Morokea VOP and Galevale VOP. Recipients were selected based on the criteria developed by the MLF executives.

The first and second batch chicken will be going on sale during the third week of June. Proceeds from the sales will be revolved with two other women in the same area until those Mama Card Holders benefit equally.

The Mama Lus Frut executives this week were involved in conducting inspections to the recipients’ chicken sheds, providing guidance and getting feedback from the women.

The revolving fund per recipient was calculated at K1,000, with purchases including a box of day old chicken and seven chicken feed bags as the start up.

A general awareness meeting was held today with Buvussi LSS women and Mama Card Holders at their request to provide clarification about the programs Mama Lus Frut is conducting.

Other awareness sessions will be facilitated with women in the other OPIC Divisions in future. The current executives of the MLF scheme are;

Chairperson – Mrs Mamel Taina Milang

Vice chair – Mrs Elizabeth Warpen

Treasurer – Mrs Emma Yanga Mobeo

Secretary – Ms Tina Kupe

OPIC MLF coordinator – Mrs Elizabeth Rava

The Mama Lus Frut scheme executives are supported by the sub committees in the other OPIC Sub Divisions. MLF scheme programs are coordinated under the Hoskins Oil Palm Growers Association directions.

The Mama Lus Frut scheme was established to increase the productivity of smallholder palm-oil plantations in Papua New Guinea.

Dianne Mirio