West Papuans given land in city

West Papuans living in the nation’s capital now have a piece of land allocated for them.

That piece of land is located at the back of Gerehu stage 1 along the newly opened Gerehu to Nine-Mile road.

The land allocated for the West Papua Refugees lies directly opposite the Public Servants housing project.

At least 10 hectares of land has been allocated through the help of NCD Governor Powes Parkop.

The West Papuans have welcomed the initiative, which comes at a time when many of them are being evicted from their temporary place of residents in Port Moresby.

People like Freedy Wavomi and Doni Karuri who’ve lived in PNG for over 30 years hope this time around the arrangement is a long term one.

“I don’t want to be evicted again, this time they must let us stay,” said West Papua Refugee Karuri.

“Right now the land and their families is all they’ve got, most of them don’t have the capital or money to set up proper houses as yet. They are appealing for assistance from any good Samaritans,” Deputy Chairman of the West Papua Refugee Relief Association Sonny Yossi explained.

However, he said they have long term plans in place, including building of a church and a school.

Infrastructure that will help strengthen their community spirit.



Meredith Kuusa