Weekly Lifestyle Update: Village Produce

There are countless benefits to vegetables, inclusive of the fact that none have cholesterol.

Vegetables are important sources of nutrients, including potassium, dietary fibre, folate (folic acid), vitamin A and vitamin C. Diets rich in potassium may help to maintain healthy blood pressure.

Despite being encouraged time and again to live healthy, it is difficult to have at least two meals in a day with fresh vegetable included. Especially if you’re living in the city like Port Moresby, healthy diet comes at a cost, even more difficult when you need fresh vegetables.

So the issue here is fresh vegetables at an affordable price. Thankfully, companies like Airbone Logistics PNG have come up with great initiatives to satisfy the population in Port Moresby.

Establishing an understanding with villages around Port Moresby where there is an abundance of fresh produce, the company helicopter brings fresh produce directly from the villages into the city.

According to produce manager Marik-Ka Allgood, the prices are calculated based on the original price when bought from the village farmers, the freight and the rent. At the end of the day, you get very fresh vegetables at affordable prices.

The market store, located at the Pacific Jets Hangar at Seven-Mile is lined with produce from Goilala, Koiari and Dorobisoro.

You have ginger going for K7 p/kg, cooking banana going for K5 p/kg and taro going for K5 p/kg, among others.

Also taking into consideration time and safety of local markets, AL’s Village Produce provides basket deliveries to its customers upon order. They have a ‘Liklik’, ‘Bigpla’ and ‘Jumbo’ baskets going for K30 - 5kg, K60 - 10kg and K90 - 15kg respectively. These are delivered to houses and businesses with online payments or cash upon delivery.

Delivery zones are as follows:

Monday:              Hohola, Gordon, Waigani

Tuesday:              Town, Konedobu, Badili, Koki, Boroko

Wednesday:      Hohola, Gordon, Waigani

Thursday:            Town, Konedobu, Badili, Koki, Boroko

Friday:                  Two-Mile, Three-Mile, Four-Mile, Five-Mile, Six-Mile and Seven-Mile

And beginning this month, AL’s Village Produce has introduced the ‘Family Market Day’, which takes place every Sundays. This includes local entertainment and face painting.

For more information, you can establish contact through their Facebook Page “Airbone Logistics PNG” or contact them on: info@airbonepng.com / +675 7390 2231

Gloria Bauai