Weatherman says less rainfall expected

PNG will experience less rainfall during the monsoon period from February to April due to the effects of the El Nino.

National Weather Service director Samuel Maiha says the country will experience rain throughout the country in the next three months but below the average rainfall.

The temperature for the next three months is expected to be very warm during the day and warmer than usual at night due to more cloud cover during the monsoon period.

Maiha confirmed that the current rainfall throughout PNG is very consistent with the outlook provided by weather experts at the APEC Climate Centre (APCC) in Busan, South Korea.

He said the weather outlook for the monsoon period will record some rain but the south coast may not receive the same amount of rainfall that we would expect this time of the year.

This weather reflects the El Nino induced weather is still lingering in the Pacific.

Quintina Naime