Warrant out for Enga family

A Warrant of arrest has been further extended at the Waigani Committal Court for the apprehension of four defendants who are wanted by the court for allegedly attempting to murder a man at Hohola.

31 year old Mack Jack of Sawanda village, Kompiam district, Enga province and his co-accused Ronny Jack, Joyce Jack and Ray Jack are wanted by the court for their non-appearance since their arrest and release in January this year.

The court last week extended their warrant of arrest for the third time since January as they have never attended court since their release on bail. A warrant for their arrest was issued on Feb 24.

The four were arrested and charged on Jan 15 this year with the unlawful attempt to kill another person, Andy Andia at his home at Hohola 4, on Nov 21 last year.

The complainant and victim in this matter, Andia is the husband of Ronny Jack.

It is alleged the Mack while in the company of Ronny, Joyce and Ray Jack fought with the victim after he had an argument with his wife (Ronny) at home on Nov 21 last year around 7pm.

Police also allege that Mack and Ray led a group of youths to where the victim was sleeping around 11pm that night and woke him from his sleep with banging noise outside the house. Confused, he walked to the gate and was attacked by the two.

While Andia was attacked, Joyce allegedly hit him with a huge stone on his head after he fell down causing him to lose his consciousness.

Andia sustained serious injuries that night on his eyes, nose and face and received seven stitched on his head from the attack.

Their respective bail have been set aside and their adjourned indefinitely or until they are apprehended.

Sally Pokiton