Wantoat farmers display yams at NARI Field Day

Wantoat LLG is said to be one of the remote areas apart from Kabwum, Aseki and Garaina in the Morobe Province just like many others in the country.

But the people are distinctively unique.

They know how to till the land that they live and work.

It is not necessarily important whether they are close to an urban setting where basic government services are at their disposal.

What matters is their upbringing of origin they inherit from their ancestors.

Yesterday at the 18th NARI Field Day, Bubia, just outside Lae, yams as high as two meters were displayed.

Farmers throughout Morobe and the rest of the Highlands had stalls to display their garden produce.

And the Wantoat yams were truly amazing that Morobe Governor Kasiga Kelly Naru was convinced Morobe soils can yield organic yams.

Today, a set of yams were presented to the Governor at the Morobe Provincial Government Administration area.

Provincial Education Minister and Wantoat/Leron LLGĀ  president Andrew Gena said Wantoat has fertile land to cultivate yams as high as two meters but their only problem is their roads are deplorable and uneconomical.

He said if only their roads are done, they would love to filter Lae main market with their produce.

Bustin Anzu