VSAT services beneficial to Goilala: Samb

The VSAT services and new partnerships established by the Goilala District Development Authority are already proving to be beneficial for the district.

Local member William Samb says to date, at least more than 20 emergency cases have successfully been medevac into Port Moresby by Manalosa Aviation as per the understanding with the company.

This has further been made easier with the VSAT installation program rolled out through the district this year, enabling smooth communication.

In a media conference on Friday, Samb extended gratitude to all key players that have allowed for the services to translate.

The conference followed a near death incident which happened earlier in the day where a young man from Ononge was medevac into the city where he is now recovering from a 6.5cm knife wound to the chest.

Samb said quick actions by the local health officers using the Vsat to call for help and the Manalosa Aviation swiftly moving to establish communication with the PNG Defence Force Air Squadron training in Gulf to assist successfully saved the man’s life.

He described this incident as a special one, given it clearly proves the benefits of having vital services like communication systems transportation in a remote area.

Guari LLG president Patrick Bauai praised the vision of the current DDA headed by Samb.

“Communication is very important because communication is power. Goilala for a long time lacked this and now, slowly, we are being exposed to the outside world,” he said.

But as always, many good deeds are always criticised and this service have been accepted with different reactions.

This, however is not deterring the DDA in achieving their vision.

“We welcome criticism because critics are good for quality and control. But while giving critics, we also have to come up with constructive suggestions,” member Samb said.

In the meantime, the VSAT installations will continue.  Samb said two more have been confirmed for the Guari LLG , Omu and Rupila respectively, another lined up for Guari station and Guarimaipa in the same LLG and another one also lined up for Kosipe.


Gloria Bauai