Unique PNG: Breadfruit bark bag

A twist to the traditional coconut frond basket was spotted by PNG Loop recently on the streets of Port Moresby.

Manus woman  Vanessa Yohang was carrying an unusual looking bag which was a gift from her partner Joe Vanariu from New Ireland.

The bag was a coconut frond based basket that was covered in bread fruit bark to look like a modern contemporary bag.

This” Kapiak basket” Vanessa was carrying, according to Joe, was a basket unique to  New Ireland province and is locally referred to as the “Ruai Basket”.

The basket is made of coconut fronds woven together while the outer covering is made from the bark of the breadfruit tree which is beaten, dried and then wrapped around the coconut basket.

It is usually made by the people of Paruai Village, of the Tikana District, NIP, and is commonly sold at market stalls along the Buluminski Highway.

Julianna Waeda