Undialu refused joinder in by-election case

The Waigani National Court this afternoon refused an application by Member for Koroba-Lake Kopiago, Philip Undialu, asking the court to join as a party in the case filed by businessman Larry Andagali.

Undialu, who was purportedly elected Governor on the morning of July 5 in Tari, was seeking joinder in the case Andagali filed over the delay in the by-election of the Hela Governor’s seat.

That application was refused as the court was of the view that he will not be affected.

Justice Collin Makail, who heard the application, found that he will not be affected if a by-election went ahead as his election is temporary.

With the refusal of Undialu’s application, the court went ahead and heard submissions from lawyers representing Andagali, the Electoral Commission and the state in the trial.

Andagali filed the case over the Electoral Commission’s delay in conducting a by-election for the Governor’s seat following the passing of the late governor Anderson Agiru.

Lawyer for the Electoral Commission, Ray William, has earlier told the court that the delay in conducting a by-election was due to lack of funding. K9 million will be needed to run the by-election.

A decision of the trial held this afternoon has been reserved to a later date.

Sally Pokiton