Two interns continue airline training program

Two cadets attached with Air Niugini’s ground operations department have completed their two year internship program and are ready to take on their new roles.

Nancy Harris and Lionel Kup were recruited under the airline’s graduate management program following the completion of their bachelor programs at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) and the PNG University of Technology (Unitech) respectively.

Since their recruitment two years ago,  Nancy and Lionel were attached to various sections within ANG’s ground operations and other key departments including finance, human resources, marketing,  cargo and aviation security where they had the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge and understand the core functions of each department and how they inter-relate to ground operations department. Such experience has broadened their understanding of the airline industry in general.

Ms Harris said “The two years have been challenging but it was also a great learning experience. The training was structured for those in the management level, exposing us to better understand and appreciate each function within ground operations and other related departments.”

Kup  said “You see people check in for flights and walk to board the aircraft. But the training has taught me that there is a lot of planning that happens prior to an aircraft taking off, from the initial booking to the availability of space, the aircraft , catering, crewing and the list goes on.  I am so thankful to Air Niugini for the opportunity.”

Nancy will be attached with the load control office while Lionel will be working with the airline’s project team.

Under the graduate cadet program, Air Niugini hopes to have a pool of highly trained young people who are capable of taking more senior roles and responsibilities and gradually move up to take managerial positions within the airline.

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