Trukai trials rice planting at Kapore in WNB

Trial rice farming done by Trukai Farms at the Kapore LSS blocks are progressing well according to Trukai Rice Technical Officer Robin Wingwafi.

The six trial projects belonging to the farmers namely; Willie Wohwiehembe, Tiawa Kolonga, Leo Pea, Paul Siune, Annette Raphael and Boniface Narakau have been planted with a number of different variety rice seeds. Rice shoots are evident at this time on the project sites prompting the Technical Officer to conduct agronomic checks on parameters around; yields, pest and diseases tolerance, milling and cooking quality. 

Wingwafi said checks are done using checklists developed by NARI scientists.

Furthermore a 12 hectare rice seed farming project for rice seeds distribution is cultivated at the Kapore DAL centre.

Wingwafi announced that, should the Kapore Trials projects succeed, they will also plant rice at selected blocks at Buvussi, Kavui, Galai, Sarakolok and Tamba LSS areas as well as other Districts or areas within the Province who show interest in rice farming.

Dianne Mirio