TIPNG: MP’s must not lose sight of calls for reform

Members of Parliament must not lose sight of the causes of student and workers strikes or the calls for reform.

This was the call by Chairman of Transparency International PNG (TIPNG), Lawrence Stephens following yesterday’s Vote of No Confidence.

"Members have assembled for an important vote and have made a decision.

“This is what legislators are expected to do. Members of Parliament are also representatives of the people and many of the people have been begging parliamentarians to take note of their concerns, “said Stephens.

Stephens added that it should be clear to every politician and public servant by now that the people are concerned.

“Many inquiries have been conducted, returning recommendations for investigations of individual office holders and criminal prosecutions of many. Yet little has happened and the accused offenders appear to be using the court system to delay the delivery of justice," said Stephens.

He went on to say that with so many prepared to vote for or against the Prime Minister remaining in his position, TIPNG wants to see every member of parliament make a public commitment to address the causes of recent unrest".

"We simply ask each Member of Parliament to promise to do everything possible to support investigators implement the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry into the Finance Department and commit to supporting efforts to identify those responsible for the loss of K8 billion from Trust Funds.

Troy Taule