Student dies in road accident

Families of students involved in Sunday’s road accident at Sogeri, outside Port Moresby are in shock after learning of the incident which claimed a year 9 student just before 6pm last night.

One mother said her son lied to her earlier in the day when he said he was going to Vision City to meet some friends.

The first policeman at the scene of the accident who accompanied the students to the Port Moresby General Hospital believes the more than ten students; both male and female may have told their parents and guardians the same story.

They believe the students, all from the Port Moresby International High School, met at Vision City and got on a PMV bus they hired for an “outing” at Sogeri.

Alcohol may have been involved according to the policeman at the scene.

He said the driver, whose identity remains unclear, was speeding down the winding and sometimes treacherous Sogeri road.

While passing another vehicle, he lost control on the turn and the back of the vehicle went downhill, the weight from behind eventually pulled the bus down.

The deceased male tried to jump out of the bus as it headed downhill, sustaining severe head injuries.

The School Principal, Steven Rowley was called in by the hospital to identify the student but he could not be reached for comment.

Police could not be reached for comment.

Unofficial reports say this outing was organised by the students themselves.

Some students were transferred to the Pacific International Hospital and others were stabilised and sent home.

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