Sirinumu water level heads for danger mark

The water level at Sirinumu dam is dropping to a dangerous level and people are urged to save water.

PNG Power Ltd (PPL) the owner of the dam in a statement advised, electricity consumers (in Port Moresby and parts of Central Province) to be serious with electricity and water saving methods due to the decreasing water levels at the Sirinumu Dam reservoir.

“As of Monday January 25, the volume of water at the dam is 102 Million Cubic Metres (Mm3), which is 30% of the spill level.

“The Sirinumu Dam was designed to hold 340 Mm3 of water.

“We are at a critical stage in terms of water for our power generation at the Rouna Hydro Power Stations and also for use by the city residents. It is now very important that we manage our usage wisely.”

The dam water level as dropped by 9 Mm3 in the space of 34 days.

Meanwhile, PPL has already cut down on the use of water at the hydro power stations and is now generating only 10 Megawatts (MW) out from all four (4) hydro power stations.

The total generating capacity for the Rouna Hydro power stations is 54 MW.

When the water levels reach the minimum volume of 50 Mm3, the release will be strictly for water supply to the city and PPL will stop electricity generation, the statement added.

“The shortfall in generation capacity from the hydro power stations is covered by the LNG gas power plant supply of 25 MW and the government’s purchased Kanudi Gas Turbine supply of 25 MW.

“The general public is asked to continue to do the basics and by turning off any lights, fans, air conditioning units and electrical appliances that you are not using.

“The more electricity we use and the more water we use, the faster we drain water from Sirinumu Dam.”

Caption: File Picture of Sirinumu dam captured in December 2015.


Charles Yapumi