Sirinumu water level continues to drop

The water level at Sirinumu dam continues to drop despite rain having fallen in the Sogeri area of Central Province.

PNG Power Limited (PPL) which owns the dam which is the sole supplier of drinking water to Port Moresby and Central Province stated that, “12mm of rainfall was recorded over the last 10 days thus there has been a decrease in the water level.”

There has been a drop by 2 million cubic metres in the last 10 days. 

 “As of Thursday January 14, 2016, the water level is 31 percent below spill level, which is 106 million cubic metres (Mm3),” the PPL statement said.  

The dam water capacity is 340Mm.

“We are nearing a critical stage and it is important that we continue to manage our power and water usage.”    

PPL also uses the water at the dam to generate electricity to support its grid from its Rouna hydro power stations.

But with the decline of water level PPL is only supplying the city 10 megawatts (MW) of power, a drop of 44 MW.

PPL acting chief executive officer John Yanis in an earlier interview told Loop PNG, “It will take a long time for the water to rise.”

Caption: File Picture of Sirinumu dam captured in December 2015.

Charles Yapumi