Rural policing lacks logistics

Rural policing can be difficult and quite expensive.

With the lack of manpower, logistical support and resources police continue to uphold their fundamental constitutional duties.

Morobe Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Chief Superintendent Kaiglo Ambane said they have a mammoth task in addressing law and order in the province.

While his province uses all forms of transportation, it is indeed a burden.

"We use all forms of transportation to do policing business and it is quite difficult."

We use road, air and sea to address law and order and it is extremely difficult to be at all places at the same time," he said.

He said some areas are so remote that they find it difficult to deploy members.

Ambane said this when commenting on a sexual assault suspect on the run at Gitua village at Sialum area in the Tewai/Siassi district.

He said due to manpower shortage, there is only one officer policing the area.

However, Ambane commended Tewai/Siassi MP Mao Zeming who has taken a bold step to assist police with logistics and resources.

Zeming purchased vehicles, firearms, outboard motor and dinghy and tried to build police houses and bring in personnel to Sialum.

Sialum has been hit with criminal activities ranging from rape, murder, arson, harassment and other lawlwssness for the last couple of years without any intervention from police and other relevant Government authorities.