Retired Correction Service officers close to getting payment

The long six-year court battle for some 246 retired Correctional Service men and women is finally nearing the end as they await the Court to finalise an amount for their monthly pension.

The 246 applicants returned to the National Court today where a consented amount was supposed to be finalised between their lawyer and the Correctional Service.

 This however did not eventuate as counsel for the Correctional Service wanted time to consult the new SC commissioner over the issue.

Justice Ambeng Kandakasi who presided over the matter today allowed an adjournment to March 16 where parties will be expected to come back before him and make submissions.

A finalised amount of how much the retired officers should be paid will be decided from there.

The matter returned today following mediation orders on Nov 23, 2015 to have all the 246 retired officers back on pension payment on 31 Jan 2016.

However, they have not received any pension yet as the final figure is yet to be finalised.

An additional 171 retired CS servicemen and women are also expected to file another proceeding in relation to the same issue.

Sally Pokiton