Reactions to woman’s condom story

Policemen and women have expressed their disgust at the video of one of their own forcing a woman it is claimed to eat condoms.

The incident which went viral yesterday has been seen and shared by hundreds.

Policemen and women who are on social media Facebook have condemned this alleged action and have offered the victim help.

Director of Police Media Unit Dominic Kakas responded by saying:

“When will this nonsense stop? Policeman have no right whatsoever to force this upon anyone. If she has done something wrong then charge her. NCOs, PSCs, Commanders take charge of your men. Can the young woman contact me and make your statement. My telephone is: 71350979. Email address is: Eyewitnesses including other policemen who saw this abuse are also encouraged to contact me and provide statements. We need to end this. Policemen who force this upon our citizens have no place in the RPNGC.”

Another police officer Naureen Bayagau posted this.

“Please whoever knows this victim I urge you to come forward and report to the Family and Sexual Violence Units here in NCD, Gordons Police Barracks (Coordinator office), Boroko Police Station, and Badili Police Station & Waigani Police Station? I am located at FSVU Boroko and will great full to help.”

Another senior officer also on Facebook condemned this behavior and wrote this

“It's a pity we have a few sexual predators in our midst under the guise of our uniforms. The above officer's actions are highly repulsive and condemnable!! One has no right whatsoever whilst in the power of authority to act in the above manner!! Thank you Mr. D Kakas and N. Bayagau for raising your hand to assist the victim.

I hope a dismissal from the RPNGC is forthcoming and officers like the one above do not find employment anywhere else where one is in the position of power and authority,”

On LOOP PNG the report has reached over 5000 readers with many calling for the Police Commissioner to have the officer dismissed.

One of LOOP’s readers said this

“The cops will continue do these nasty things coz they a bunch of FAILURES! Joining a Police Force should be a choice at Secondary School...NOT THESE BUNCH OF SCHOOL LEAVERS! They are pain in the Ass for the whole country. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Moreover, CID should be an entity on its own and should not come under the Police Department. How do we expect a brother to investigate his brother? There will NEVER be impartiality on investigations... Government should look into this ongoing issue seriously.”

Another reader James Kay said:

“Shame on the cops that were on duty, especially the culprit behind this inhuman act. Can the Police Commissioner or Police Minister see to it that all cops undergo monthly psychiatric checks to determine if they are fit to perform their duties. Sick of this!

Loop News was told this morning by NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi that the policeman involved has not been identified yet.

Joy Kisselpar