Rains wreak havoc on new road

The newly-sealed road along the Madang-Lae Highway is already seeing several major damages.

Funded by Australian AID, this section of the highway between Mipu Bridge and Biribiri Mountain was completed over a year ago. Before the rainy season last year, motorists spoke highly of the remarkably sealed infrastructure.

However, rains in the last three months have caused severe damages to parts of the upgraded road.

Downpours experienced in the mountains of Madang have also wreaked havoc on roads along the Madang-Ramu Highway. Some of them are in danger of collapsing.

One section near the junction at Negeri is in very bad shape.

Workmen from contractor R & Sons Construction are currently doing maintenance work on some of the damaged sections.

Picture: A recently-sealed and painted road is already seeing faults while road surfaces are sinking in some parts.

James G. Kila