Rabaul Town to celebrate Frangipani Festival

Celebrating the rebirth of Rabaul Town will be the Frangipani Festival held in East New Britain Province.

Held in September, this festival celebrates the survival of Rabaul after the 1994 twin volcanic eruptions that almost completely destroyed the Rabaul Township.

The festival is named after the “Frangipani flower” which was the first plant to blossom in the midst of the ashes and until today the sweet smell permeates the streets of Rabaul town.

East New Britain Province is gearing up for a joint celebration that is expected to start on PNG’s Independence eve on September 15 and will continue on to the 18th in collaboration with the 22nd anniversary of the twin volcanic eruptions of both Tavuvur and Vulcan.

The festivity starts with a float parade followed by dances, singsings as well as canoe races.

The event brings together locals and former Rabaul residents and visitors in the spirit of renewal and to strengthen partnership in rebuilding one of PNG’s major and historical towns.

Annette Kora