Pom chamber of commerce hits out at Tomscoll ban

The National Government was reckless in its decision to impose a blanket ban on imported vegetables three months ago says Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce chief executive officer David Conn.

Attended on August 12, business houses were restricted from importing bulb onion, potato (Iris), cabbage, carrot, tomato, capsicum, pumpkin, peas, zucchini, eggplant, pachchoi/Chinese cabbage, French bean, lettuce and celery.

Agriculture Minister Tommy Tomscoll lifted the ban last week after a severe shortage of bulb onions and other vegetables hit the country, increasing prices because local farmers could not meet the country's  demand.          

“The decision was ill-considered and showed his lack of consultation on such matters,” said Conn.

“I don’t know who he talks to but it certainly isn’t the people who are directly affected and could give him the proper constructive, considered advice."

"It is not as if we did not know an El Nino was coming and such a ban would be totally counterproductive.”

Charles Yapumi