Polye calls for govt action over missing K55mil

Opposition Leader Don Polye has accused the Prime Minister of failing to take action on the missing K55 million in tuition fees.

Mr Polye said for the government to announce that K55 million budgeted for tuition fees had gone missing was an irresponsible attitude.

He says this demonstrates the government’s lack of interest in fighting corruption that has destroyed the fabric of our society.

“What O’Neill and his Education Minister should have done is to tell the country what actions the government was taking to bring those responsible to justice and if possible recoup the stolen money.

“This will prove to the stakeholders and the people of PNG that the government is sincere in fighting corruption and it’s also concerned with our children’s education,” Mr Polye said.

The Opposition leader is concerned that parents of students who are supposed to benefit from the tuition fee will dig deeper into their pockets to pay for the school fees.

He said despite efforts to clarify the missing K55 million kina mystery, the prime question on why K35.4 million was released without approval from the Education minister remained.

He says the O’Neill government must not shift the blame but instead take appropriate actions to punish those responsible.