Police will keep close watch over political developments

The Royal PNG Constabulary says it will closely monitor political developments brought on by the Supreme Court decision on the recall of parliament.

They will also keep a close watch on the threats purportedly issued by some workers’ union for a nationwide stop work.

Chief of Operations Deputy Police Commissioner Jim Andrews said instructions were issued to all divisional and provincial commanders to ensure all activities emanating from these political developments are closely monitored in the best interest of peace, good order and national security.

Andrews said police will enforce increased patrols and surveillance as a precautionary measure against opportunistic crimes across the nation.

“People must look at the likely consequences of an industrial strike and how it will affect their community and livelihood.   

“Already we have seen opportunists taking advantage of such situations to commit crimes in various parts of the country, therefore our duty is to protect innocent lives and properties,” DCP Andrews said today.

He said the ‘heat’ generated by political activists and advocates against the government has already developed into law and order issues in some parts of the country, therefore it is imperative for the Constabulary to keep a close tab on what is happening across the country.     

He said the Constabulary will not tolerate activities which threaten the nation’s internal security.

Andrews also appealed to all members of the Constabulary to remain focused and concentrate on their Constitutional duties, saying the government is well and truly in control of the situation at hand.

Press release