Police Union: Gitua and Damaru internal case

The Police union says that they have no jurisdiction to speak on the matters that were raised recently by the Opposition.

Union President Lowa Tambua says that the case of Mathew Damaru and Timothy Gitua were more along the lines of being an internal administrative matter.

He outlined that in the past during the previous tenure of commissioners like Tom Kulunga, Geoffrey Vaki and Gari Baki  the union has been vocal over what they see as political interference.

Tambua reiterated that constant and continual political manoeuvring is detrimental to the welfare and employment conditions of police which is the very thing that the union is in place to fight for.

He explains further that if and when the two officer are penalised and disciplined through the normal disciplinary process then it becomes an industrial issue and the union can  then step in and stand for them rights to assist them.

Julianna Waeda