Police shooting of Jiwaka man being investigated

The man allegedly shot by police opposite the Police Headquarters is still waiting on justice.

Thomas Kei is now lying paralysed in a hospital bed at the Port Moresby General Hospital waiting on an operation to remove bullets from his shot up legs.

Molex Mathew a relative looking after him says the man is in a lot of pain as he awaits surgery.

The March 23 incident in now being investigated by the Criminal Investigation Division officers at the police headquarters.

Assistant Police commissioner Crimes Victor Isouve has confirmed that the policeman were under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

The vehicle that the  victims were travelling in had a flat tire forcing them off the road, however instead of helping the victims the police that attended to the scene fought with the men, shot one of them and robbed the men of personal belongings and cash.

Isouve says the victim was shot through the left leg while a bullet has also been lodged through the right leg.

Investigators are now collecting statements and once assessed the charges will be verified and laid out.

The suspects are known to the investigators.


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Julianna Waeda