Police searching for school principal

Police are currently on the look-out for the principal of a remote high school in Morobe Province.

The headmaster of Kabwum High School in Kabwum district was attacked by male students and escaped by boat to Lae with his family.

According to police reports, the male students were upset because the headmaster was allegedly going around with the school girls.

Rural coordinator of police in the province, Chief Inspector David Warap, says the principal has not reported to them yet.

"We don't know where the principal is after escaping from Kabwum.

"Police should have been his first point of contact but up until now, we really don't know where he is," he told Loop PNG yesterday.

The principal, from Wabag, Enga Province, had his house and school vehicle damaged by the students. He escaped with his family in the night.

Provincial police commander Chief Superintendent Augustine Wampe said this incident is the second one involving the same headmaster.

Early this year, the same principal was held up at Nadzab airport by armed criminals who escaped with K150, 000. The cash was brought from the school for banking purposes. 

Bustin Anzu