Police prosecutor objects to bail application for soldiers in student bashing

The legal representation of the four soldiers allegedly involved in the bashing of students in Port Moresby was questioned in court this morning.

Police Prosecutor Sandra Holland objected to their application for bail.

The bail application was filed by military police at the Police Prosecutor’s office at the Boroko Police station on Wednesday.

Holland raised the issue of service against their legal representation saying he was an in house lawyer and the fact that he was representing the four accused in a case of attempted murder was seen as acting against the case.

Rodney Yahamani representing the four accused in response said previously such matters involving serving members of the force went before a military judge or magistrate at the appointment of the Commander as per section 48 and 49 of the Defense Act.

Magistrate Kaumi adjourned the bail application ruling to Tuesday August 11. 

Staff Writer