Police call on shooting victim’s relatives and witnesses to come forward

A crime report into the fatal police shooting of 25 year old James Rema last week has yet to be submitted.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki says that a report is yet to be completed  for the shooting incidents as the relatives of the dead man have yet to come forward to police.

Baki reiterated calls for the injured soldier, identified as Private James Bono, along with the woman in the vehicle,  Mr Rema’s  aunt Londe Pindia, to give their statements to police.

Meantime, eyewitnesses are also being called on to help police in their investigations.

Baki says that by people coming forward investigators can try verify what transpired during the incident that took place last week Thursday (November 26th).


Police picture showing investigators looking at the car involved in the shooting.

Julianna Waeda