PNG cut flower specialist creates headlines in Guam at Festival of Arts

​The Papua New Guinean floral artist, Mary Saun has been making the headlines in the Guam newspapers since last week with her astounding flower arrangements.

She is attracting almost all flower lovers and decorators of the Pacific islands at the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts with her style of flower arrangements.

Saun is a gifted florists who knows her business well and aims to produce the best style of flower arrangements at every venue she is called to participate in.

She was given a chance yesterday to demonstrate her talent once again and indeed she completed the arrangement within less than the given time frame with the best of PNG flavour.

Flower arrangements and growing of flowers is a thriving activity in Papua New Guinea where many women in PNG are turning to.

It is now becoming commercialised and most of the women, especially those who are business minded are looking for opportunities to explore this avenue.

Saun is one such woman who has the creative ability to arrange flowers in a way to attract people with eye catching products.

At the festival in Guam, she is sought after alongside her Solomon Islands counterpart because both have attracted many festival participants with their many  styles of flower arrangements.

Besides  Saun are other PNG individual artists including Kas Malo, a cane basket weaver and Helen Pange who is a specialist in all kinds of Bilums at the festival showcasing the arts of PNG.

Pange weaves both contemporary and traditional bilums using both modern and traditional materials.

All three of them are doing exceptionally well with the display and demonstration of their artistic skills at the PNG Hut.

The display put up by our individual artists  has attracted many people to  the PNG Hut which in turn promotes PNG among the Pacific Islanders

PNG is popular at the Festival of Arts in Guam because of its colourful displays and the stunning performances in the dance arena.


By Bola Noho in Guam

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