PMIZ Project 2nd Phase to cost $US 156 million

The second phase of the much publicised Pacific Marine Industrial Zone project in Madang Province will cost the National Government $US156 million (K493 million).

Madang MP and Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Nixon Duban clarified on Tuesday, May 10, during the Madang Provincial Assembly meeting when addressing provincial government members.

Duban told the Madang provincial assembly that PMIZ is a big project which is  being discussed by the National Government.

He further clarified that the mandate has been given to the Treasury Department and that funding would come from a National Executive Council (NEC) submission.

He told the provincial assembly that the first phase of the PMIZ project costing $US 300 million had been completed, however, work has slowed down a little as the contractor had to re-look at the design aspects of the work done.

Duban described the first phase of the project as grubbing,scrubbing and fencing which had been completed。 Funding for the first phase was sought from the Exxim Bank of  China。

Governor Kas, who chaired the provincial assembly meeting expressed his delight at the presence of Minister Duban to clarify on the position of the National Government.

Duban was not able to attend previous Madang provincial assembly meeting mainly due to his hectic schedules in attending to national parliamentary duties.

Governor Kas told the provincial assembly members that he does not have any issues with the Madang MP from what had been reported in media. Those were mere politics which as leaders they have had to live with.

Kas thanked Minister Duban for his presence and clarification of the National Government’s position and urged other Madang MPs to work together to deliver services the people of the province.


Picture: The Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and government ministers at last  year’s PMIZ Project launching.


James G. Kila