PM visits drought affected areas.

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill has visited areas affected by drought and frost and will take further relief and forward action plans to Cabinet today.

The visit took place in Tambul and Mendi where food supplies have already been received,and Ialibu-Pangia where supplies are currently being trucked to communities.

The visit follows the Prime Minister’s direction last week for the Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council to deliver K5 million in funding for the provision

of relief assistance to severely affected areas.

O’Neill first visited the mostly affected district of Tambul in the Western Highlands Province, which was one of the first districts to be badly affected by frost.

“Through quick response it is reassuring to see that Tambul immediately received its initial relief supplies that we dispatched,” he said.

He also visited Ialibu-Pangia to receive their assessment of the damage and inform the people that their relief supplies are on the highway and will be delivered soon.

“When these supplies arrive, I kindly urge you to consider the families who have lost most to these weather conditions and are in dire need of these basic supplies.”

The Prime Minister then flew to Mendi for a briefing on the situation in Mendi-Munhiu where supplies have already reached districts and are being distributed.

He said ongoing assessments and planning are taking place in communities around the nation.

“Officers from the Prime Minister’s Department and other agencies have been undertaking assessments of affected areas as conditions have worsened.

“I can assure communities affected   that their Government will continue to assist with relief supplies."

“We are also making preparations for a potentially worsening of conditions due to an extended El Niño and the effects of climate change."

“The National Agricultural Research Institute has embarked on visits to affected areas to provide free crop seedlings so that our people can return to gardening and start

replanting crops to sustain themselves.

“Your government will not let you down. We will continue to provide relief supplies to the affected areas until these natural disasters have subsided.

“In some locations it can take time  to deliver supplies, but let me assure you that your government is currently doing its best to ensure to get these supplies to you.”

He said food and other supplies would be transported directly to destinations instead of distributing cash.

He said it was important for him to travel here to see the damage first hand before convening a meeting  with the National Executive Council today.

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