PIF not forum to discuss West Papua – Indonesia

Indonesia’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdurrahman Mohammad Fachir says the Pacific Island Forum Leaders’ Summit (PIF) is not the place to discuss West Papua issues.

A West Papua Human Right issue is a key priority agenda currently being discussed at the summit.

Leaders are being asked to make a response on Human Rights issues in West Papua

In an interview with regional journalist, Fachir says it is irrelevant to the main objective and the purpose of the establishment of the PIF.

He says Indonesia is a democratic country and that they have the most detailed provision for human Rights.

“We have a Human rights Commission and a mechanism to deal with human right issues,” Fachir added.

Fachir has also made it known to leaders that the forum is not the place to discuss West Papua issues.

He declined to say whether his government would accept any resolution on West Papua by the PIF leaders.

When asked by reporters on killings of West Papuan on social media he replied it cannot be verified as it is on social media.

Fachir says the circulations on social media of pictures of West Papuan being brutally killed are politically motivated.

Indonesia is a dialogue partner to the Pacific island  forum countries.


Joy Kisselpar