Partnership to lift profile of PNG fashion

PNG Fashion Week has partnered with Pacific Runway Fashion to lift the profile of PNG fashion industry to international standards.

Founder and director of Pacific Runway Fashion, Failepou Peni today announced the partnership of the two bodies.

Pacific Runway Fashion, staged annually in Australia, was formed to recognise and give a prestigious platform for designers of the Pacific at large, also to put a mark on its Australian Fashion Calendar. 

Director Peni said, the partnership now means that PNG designers, through PNGFW, automatically secure a place on this platform.

“Normally, designers will put in the application and I will screen them to see if they’re in par with the quality that we’ve put through. But with this partnership, they automatically get a place in there and that means getting exposure – media wise, meeting up with potential buyers and even designers with the models,” Peni said.

Furthermore, Peni is will conduct workshops in PNG, whether it is motivation speaking or encouragements or to identify marketing platforms for established and emerging designers.

PNGFW directo,r Janet Sios is determined to follow this path confidently for local designers to make international runways in United States of America and Europe.

“Going forward, this is the plan. It will probably be paid, the workshops now because it does add up in terms of costs. But we will at least give you the opportunity to pursue your career both as a professional in your industry like models and designers, in arts and at least you have the opportunity to grow even in business.”

From the PNGFW runway tomorrow, the executives and Ms Peni will identify a local designer to showcase this year at the Pacific Runway Fashion 2016, on October 21.

(L-R) Failepou Peni and Janet Sios looking at designs of 11 year old Andrea Wesley, a promising PNG designer.

Gloria Bauai