Opposition urges Speaker to recall Parliament

The Opposition is calling on the Speaker of Parliament Theo Zurenuoc and Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio to meet with Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and recall Parliament earlier than scheduled to address the fiscal/cash flow crisis at hand.

In a press conference today Opposition leader Don Polye said under the Constitution, any decision to recalling of Parliament is a prerogative of the cabinet.

However, given the situation, Polye said the Speaker and Governor-General must discuss the option with the Prime Minister.

He said these are times the leaders need to think outside of the box in the best interest of the country.

“Where the executive government and state actors are complacent or less proactive, the powers of the house must be reactivated so that the directions are given by the 8 million people of PNG for and on their behalf through their MPs,” he said.

“I am very concerned with the magnitude of untrue statements or lies said by secretaries of state that give a completely false picture of the fiscal operations of the O’Neill government.

“I am also very saddened that inadequate and untimely release of funds by Treasury and Finance continues to imperil services to our people and pay pensions to the government workers.

Polye reiterated that the Opposition is very serious about solving the crisis the country is facing today and creating a firmer foundation for PNG for the long future. 

The parliament resumes on March 22, 2016.

Freddy Mou