One mortally wounded in Gabba Gabba-Ginigolo clash, report villagers

Tension is currently high between two Central villages as locals face off in a retaliatory confrontation.

Women and children have been put on dinghies and sent out to sea while the men are fighting at Gabba Gabba village.

A local from Gabba Gabba told Loop PNG that the fight is a result of yesterday’s rampage, conducted by a clan from his village.

“A former district administrator from Ginigolo came down to the beachfront (Gabba Gabba) and built his house there. His house sits on that clan’s land,” Loop was told.

The clan members went down to the beach, chased residents there and burnt a couple of bush material houses.

“In retaliation, the Ginigolo men told their wantoks, who came down from the mountain and are blocking the Gabba Gabba junction right now. The junction leads to Hula and Kwikila.

“They have moved further into our village and are fighting with our men.”

Two men have been reported to be injured. One of them is critically wounded and is being transported in a dinghy down to Gaire village. From there an ambulance will rush him to Port Moresby, which is more than 50 minutes away.

Details are sketchy at the moment as the fighting continues.

More to come.

(Pictures supplied of the current confrontation.)

Carmella Gware