Offices join forces to monitor Milne Bay waters

Authorities have joined forces to watch the waters of Milne Bay after foreign vessels were seen by locals.

Police in Milne Bay together with the National Fisheries Authority as well as the PNG Customs are working together after five illegal fishing vessels were spotted by villagers off the outer coastal islands of the province.

Milne Bay provincial police commander Joseph Morehari says the Engineer Group of Islands is being constantly watched by the organisations’ operations and so far, no one has been caught yet.

PPC Morehari says this concern was raised on the floor of Parliament by Milne Bay Governor Titus Philemon upon directing the province’s concern to Fisheries Minister Mao Zeming.

He asked Zeming to have NFA take immediate action, to patrol Milne Bay waters and remove these illegal fishing boats.

Morehari says water policing in the province stopped for almost two years since the breakdown of the police sea vessel.

His sea patrol needs the vessel to be fixed, or new boats should be purchased, for surveillance on these waters to continue.

Annette Kora