NSL bids open for 2016-2017

The PNG Foootball Association Secretariat office has called on franchises who are interested in participating in the 2016-2017 season of the National Soccer League to submit in their expression of interest.

Competition manager Simon Koima said the forms are available and clubs who fulfilled the registration requirements would be granted license.

"The application for the expression of interest is open today and closes on Sunday 21/08/2016."

"PNG Football Association will issue licenses to clubs who fulfill all the club licensing requirements."

He stressed that only clubs who are licenced are permitted to participate in the 2016-2017 NSL season.

Koima said club licensing was an integral part of building a stronger football programme.

The FIFA Club Licensing system requires clubs to commit to minimum standards and principles in five key areas:

• Sporting criteria e.g. clubs must have a youth development programme; clubs must promote fair play

• Infrastructure criteria e.g. clubs must have safe, comfortable stadiums for fans, families and media; clubs must have training facilities

• Personnel and administrative criteria e.g. clubs must have qualified coaches and medical staff and professional, well-educated management

• Legal criteria e.g. clubs must adhere to international statutes; club ownership must be transparent and fair

• Financial criteria e.g. independent auditing of club finances.

Koima said the club licensing are in line with OFC guidelines tailored to suit the needs of national associations and clubs as part of FIFA’s football development priorities for the 2015-2018 financial ycle."

The NSL is an annual competition, organized strictly on a franchise basis and managed by a Board of Management under the auspices of the PNGFA statues (Articles 18 & 43) which is called the National Soccer League board.

Koima said the NSL competition offered a competitive environment for players, coaches, managers and those who follow the game to enjoy the best footballers showcase their skills in the world game.



Lamech Jinimbo